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About Us

 Hi, I'm Jerry Scarrow and I believe in providing American workers with jobs. We at American Mug Pottery believe in unmatched quality, which is why each of our products are handcrafted and dipped in the highest quality ceramic and glaze. We began our journey with the invention of the Butter Bay, which sparked a desire to create even more quality stoneware products at American Mug Pottery. 


 Our ceramic kitchen products are made in East Liverpool, Ohio by Clyde McClellan and his talented crew. Using the slip-cast method, finished by hand, and kiln-fired in a factory built in the early 1900's, American Mug Pottery operates the old-fashioned way. 


Dipped Butter Bays

 At American Mug Pottery, we believe that every product our company purchases should be made in the USA. Our packaging is printed locally as well, by PSI Packaging Services in Connellsville, Pennsylvania. 


East Liverpool Ohio

 By purchasing American Mug Pottery products, you are supporting the American economy and giving the opportunity for workers to make a fair and reasonable living. What could be better than that?